11 Reasons to Team up with a Student-Athlete

Updated: Jun 29

More than ever, companies are struggling when it comes to hiring quality employees. They are looking for candidates who are self-starters, can effectively meet deadlines, and know how to work well with others in a collaborative environment. Internships have become a great way for businesses to have a ‘trial run’ with potential future employees.

If your company recruits on college campuses, chances are some of the top candidates won’t make it to the job fair. That’s because they are in the gym or on a court, field, or rink training for their sport. Student-athletes have rigorous schedules that limit them from getting work experience most of the year, but they do, however, get an offseason. The offseason is a period where student-athletes can recoup mentally and physically while also maximizing their free time to make a difference at company that needs assistance. These individuals have some of the best characteristics that you can’t teach and are ideal for your next project or internship.

Here is a list of 11 reasons to team up with a student-athlete:

1. Leadership Qualities:

The best leaders know when it’s time to take charge and when it’s time to be the follower. Having a student-athlete on your team helps to develop employees who can become future leaders in your company.

2. Goal Oriented:

Student-athletes are taught from the moment they first start playing sports to set goals and to work as hard as possible to achieve those goals. They know how to create a list of actionable steps that they can utilize to get to the end goal.

3. Competitive Edge:

Student-athletes are always competing whether that’s against other opponents, their teammates, and even themselves. The main goal is to always be better than yesterday. The competitive juice that powers the extra reps in the gym translates to the workplace. Student-athletes want to be in 1st place, if you need someone who is driven, an athlete is the choice for you.

4. Coachable:

To become better at what they do, athletes must be able to take instruction and criticism from coaches. While listening is a major component, implementation and execution drive the actual results. College athletes are fantastic at this. It’s why they’ve made it so far. They understand that there is always room for improvement and being coachable can make all the difference for reaching the next level.

5. Performs Well Under Pressure:

Imagine standing in front of a large crowd, the clock is ticking, and you have one chance to take home the win. If you score, you win and your season is victorious, but if you don’t, you lose, and the season is over. The legacy of the program is in your hands.

That’s the pressure student-athletes face every day. They must ensure that when that moment under the spotlight arrives, they can show up and perform. In the office, this translates to tight deadlines, big presentations, and closing major deals. In crunch time, athletes will score big for you, it’s what they are trained to do.

6. Work Ethic:

Student-athletes are expected to always be at their best, therefore hard work and extra effort is a given. Therefore, mediocrity isn’t an option. That’s the standard you want in your workplace.

7. Team Player:

Athletes must be able to work as a team, even in individual sports. Day in and day out, student-athletes work with people from different backgrounds, skillsets, and personalities. Every team has a common goal that they want to accomplish, and student-athletes can put the team’s goal in front of their own, because they understand when the team wins, they win.

8. Adaptability:

Athletes must be able to react on the fly. Adaptability is called something different in every sport, whether that’s, “stay on your toes,” “next play,” or “keep your head on a swivel.” Therefore, being able to adjust to new conditions isn't a challenge it's a part of their DNA.

9. Mental Toughness:

Athletes lose games every now and then; and because of that they learn how to fail and how to stand back up tall, and ready for the next opportunity. They also face the risk of injury and when it does happen, they have the mental strength to build back even better than before. Student-athletes know adversity and they aren’t afraid to face it head on.

10. Time Management Skills:

Student-athletes’ schedules are always booked, they go from a 6 A.M. lift, 8 A.M. class, to team meetings, office hours with professors, practice, and traveling for the next big game. Despite these commitments, they are top-performing students at most schools. When they come into your office, they’re able to juggle multiple tasks at once, and deliver with great performance.

11. Effective Communicators:

Athletes are some of the best communicators, they can utilize their high emotional intelligence, empathy, and the communication skills built from years of being on different teams with different dynamics.

In Conclusion...

Athletes have some of the most desired transferable skills to enhance your team. If you’re looking for your next team member, it’s best to look at a student-athlete, current or former to be your top pick

Next time you’re ready to hire, look to Offszn Career Prep. We will recruit your next student-athlete for a project or an internship. On the other hand, we are the “off the field” coaches to the athletes as we prepare them for successful careers in and beyond sports.

Will you team up with a student-athlete? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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